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{UAH} M7 and 1st commandment

Dear Ugandans..

M7 ORDERS DO NOT VOTE ANYBODY ELSE ACCEPT ME.(NRM.) His ising the 1st commandment as it states u should not o serve any other God accept me. 

For the likes of God yes because we are happy with Gods work of hiving us lofe. But for M7 what has he given us to justify his commond. 

Welk its up to Ugandans they have eyes they can see and ears can hear. They have a choice. Look at M7 and the suffering of Ugandans..... 

Now his in Busoga region tellyong them.poki pies mbu if u dont vote for me u will not have good roads..

.Where are good roads anyway his has preached for 31 years. Look at the road to Entebbe ..state house from.Kampala its a mess. Then Look at the road from Kla toad to Nakasero starting is disgrace. 

 If M7 has failed to construct roads to get him into his own premises how will he ever construct roads for the Basoga people. 

M7 has taken the Busoga region for granted because he knows they are still believing in him inlike the other regions...good luck to them. Trust M7 to day regrate tomoro. 

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