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{UAH} Millions to watch the eagerly awaited Pope Francis - President Trump mega face to face today

   President Trump                                                                                       Pope Francis

The world is now ready to witness a great event taking place at the Vatican/Rome today morning at 8.30 am ( 6.30 am GMT) when US President Trump will be hosted by Pope Francis in the Apostolic Palace. The event has drawn thousands of journalists from all over the world and some of its key highlights will be televised direct to the whole world. 
Trump who arrived in the Italian capital yesterday evening with his wife Melania and son Ivanka is indeed set to meet the Holy Pontif at his own request. He has in mind the weight of the 70 million Roman Catholics in his country and the points which gave rise to a stiff disagreement between the two men, for example his vison on immigration and the construction of that wall along the US-Mexican border, things which didn't appease the open-minded and globally embracing Pontiff. Another point of discord may refer to the sale of arms to various nations which the Pope may judge as an encouragement to conflict escalation in various parts of the planet. And Trump's position on ecology and environment may also be seen skeptically by the Roman Pontif especially if Trump continues to show an unbending stand on the matter. However some observers believe that the two leaders will try to shove aside  their differences and concentrate on items touching on world order and peace in some war infested regions of the globe. One point is clear, the two leaders will definitely seem to be on the same wavelength on subjects dealing with abortion and contraception.
After meeting the Pope President Trump will finalize other agenda businesses with the Italian authorities while his wife Melania will be visiting a renowned hospital  specially built to cater for poor children, and their son Ivanka will be hosted at the famous Saint Egidio humanitarian centre which he had eagerly planned to visit.
Dr G.H. Kkolokolo

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