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{UAH} Minister agrees ugandas economy destrrssed. Do your believe them now...

Fellow Ugandans

Me am.not an ecomist but julistening to the minister yesterday i felt shocked and if i could i would totally lock this man out of the office and open it for young talented ugandans to take over. 

When workd bank started withdrawing its little efforts to the regime now they are shaking. 

Well according to minister ubagandas economy has failed because of wars in neighbouring Burundi South Sudan and Congo. 

Who has been heavily involved in those countries mulitarily? Our question has always been what is uganda going to benefit from those countries. 

Also we have always asked where does money come from to sustaun ugandan soldiers in those countries and whose interest are they promoting...the answer has always been for defence of our country....which to me was a M7 interest than uganda as a nation. 

Now it comes as a suprise to us us ugandans when the minister of state comes to lament to us by telling us the economy is destressed. The reason being wars have led to low purchasing power from uganda and also those bhsinessmen who suplied goods to countries like South Sudan were not paid.Thus they are holding on their miney now than investing it in the economy. 

The truth is that the regime has failed and am sure they have finally come out out declare they have failed. 

Instead of investing in ugandan projects by the govt they chose to go to Rwanda to protect Rwandese from Habyarimana. 

Instead of jncreasing wages for ugandans who would in turn jncrease thepurachasing power boost suply and jnvestment they chose to invest jn heavey guns and creation of militias to day terrorisjng ugandans kn our streets. 

No regulatory reforms in place to check on agriculture...export sector..and imports into the country. 
No contral measures on corruption...
Cash outflow furing the compaigns by the NRM members was like there wpuld be no tomorow.

No energy reforms...the countries oil which would generate employement and increase the demand factor on good produced M7 owned it its his Oil. How its mined God knows. Who are the beneficiaries no body knows. Reflectnon the handshakes..and other mismanagement around the Oil discovery in Ug...the london trips...all these...expense....why now lament economy ia destressed...wait for more pain to come.

The tax holidays they offer foreign investors who actually turned out to be refugees to make Rolex on our streets....increasing heavy tax duties to local businessmen....all these affect economy but did the givt care at all nop.

The expansion on trade for uganda has been war mongering in the East and Central Africa. Instead of promoting our ugandan good the promoted fighting and raking over existing Rwanda..Burundi..Congo South Sudan etc...has it paid off....nop. 

Increased ineqhalities...the rich being the minority yet the poor being the majority affecting the comfert zone of the rich...had it paid off nop. 

Instead of investing heavily in education..and reserch to enrich the agriculture industry which is the backbone of ugandas economy they invested in Piza production as Muhwezi said Uganda is great...we can make a Piza....those are your ministers. 

Failure to control imigration...the influx of refugees in one go has put pressure on the economy instead of taping skilled workers...uganda receives cattle keepers...if not grasshoper pickers. strategic imigration reforms are vital. 

Employ volunteers like us ofcourse eould help the dying economy
 Uganda has so many people with no jobs. Why not recruit volunteers to help out as long as they are given lunch and trasport that way the hovt is able to identify credible people than political.handpicking.. 

Political pleasingnof regions etc has contributed largely to dying uganda. 
The M7 camp works hard to keep itself in power but failed to realise that if they dont focus on management of the country they will still fail even if they have the govt. They are in control of power but crying the economy is destressed....wait for more pain. 

Failure to review institutions like the judicial and police all these affect the countries ability to prosper. 

To be honest am.glad to see them crying...that things are falling apart than they had thout...

How do u think that u will invest 31st years in wars and a country will prosper economically how...on earth...

How do ue expect the countrybto develope when the first family spends moneywith nonaccpuntability..curryong money in sacks in public...and the country developes...

How do u frastrtae uganda with cridible knowldge and skills to lead and plan for the country and remain with yes sir men and women and think you will develope. Look at the parliament...a bunch of usless people. Totally usless  to the country. no policies are being forward of great to the cluntry. if there was working parliament then this tegime would be out of office because they are failuers...

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