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{UAH} Mr. President State of Uganda is rot

Namanve Industrial Zone – roads here are not paved, there no proper
drainage or sewer system, no fixed telephone or internet – it is an
industrial park and million have already been spent on it.

Some land owners here are mere speculators without any interest or
ability to investment in anything!

Now, Uganda is said to be in a process of building 23 industrial zones
for reasons one can't understand! What's the basis for building 23
industrial zones?

As per URA authority figure Uganda has only 2300 something registered
foreign companies decades in Uganda Investment Authority existence.
Uganda is without urban planning or systematic infrastructure.

Uganda under NRM has a project to build a vocational training school
per county or sub country- is this ignorance or what? This is in a
country without a construction sector (there are less than 25 major
construction projects recently published in New Vision), without a
National Housing Construction company, a country that can't design and
construct roads!

Uganda has an optic fiber but that network can't deliver speeds
exceeding 150 kilo bytes per second yet optic fibers move data at
light speeds

Virtually all government projects like dams (isimba, karuma) they
either have structure engineering defects or over priced or both!

This is Uganda – NRM has to think hard if they have any moral
authority left to still be in power. Bujagari power is overpriced.

It takes Uganda National Statistics Bureau 10 years (more than 100
million budget) to prepare for a national census YET government start
from local governments that have to use data to plan in their

This year alone government as slashed all budgets implying another 2
or more years of idle public servants.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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