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{UAH} NRM Reduce Parliament & Stop Political Corruption

If NRM really want to change the course of political pandemic in this
country, NRM has to do something differently namely:

a. Reduce political corruption by reducing number of districts and
subsequently Members of parliament to only 150.
b. Allow political party funding under a system of proportionality and
let political parties groom future political leaders under very clear
party constitutions
c. The constitution is just a legal document that has been raped since
1995 – the solution to what has gradually become a useless document,
revisit region governments as an immediate remediation from political
d. Allow state institution to work but put in place monitoring
agencies and strict sanctions for none performing entities and people
running them. There is no need for exampple for UNRA to run traffic
roadblocks to stop road carnage when we have a professional traffic



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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