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Brothers and sisters, we have gone a long way and we have reached a
point of no return.
At independence , we inherited a Westminster system where a Head of
State and Government was elected by Parliament and a party with
majority seats in parliament forms government.
A Katikkiro Of Buganda, Katikkiro of Bunyoro, Katukiro of Busoga,
Omuhiikirwa of Tooro, Engazi of Ankole, and Secretaries General of
non kingdom districts, were elected by Lukiiko, Rukurato, Eishengyero
or regional/district councils acting as electoral colleges.
The city and municipal mayors and deputy mayors were also appointed by
city and municipal councils respectively.
Then came Idi Amin in 1971. He dissolved cabinet and parliament and
vested executive and legislative powers in himself as a Military Head
of State.
He did away with city and municipal mayors and vested all the powers
with Town Clerks.
Later he reinstated city and municipal mayors but were appointed by
himself. This is what even Obote ll government retained and between
1980 and 1986, there were no election of local administration councils
since even local governments had been abolished in 1967 and were
replaced by local administrations.
According to Odoki Report, most Ugandans preferred direction
elections. Thus Odoki Draft came with a President diorectly elected
which C.A. retained.
The local government chairpersons including district chairpersons,
city mayors, city division chairpersons, municipal mayors, gombolola
chairpersons and town council chairpersons are all directly elected.
When a regional government came in 2005 as a compromise position
between federalists and unitarists, a Regional Chairperson was also to
be directly elected, which a clique at Mmengo detested and started
doing away with the understanding.
So it will be retrogressive , backward and primitive for NRM, which
introduced popular participatory democracy in Uganda in 1986 with an
experiment from Luwero Triangle since 1983, to come out eating its own
baby i.e. direct election of central and local government leaders
because of the stubbornness of one individual or a group of a few
individuals. Those individuals reap from poor service delivery by
government departments including KCCA and once that is solved, the
next Lord Mayor shall an NRM flag bearer.
l don't where , central government shall stop because l anticipate
the same scenario in the coming Wakiso city unless NRM wakes up and
create at least four urban districts of Entebbe, Wakiso, Nabweru and
Kira, which can held in decentralizing service delivery.

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