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{UAH} Ocen, Allan//Roger Ailes dead at 77


Roger Ailes died a disgraced man. 

But his mark in American politics and television, will remain permanently in our lives. As founder of the Fox News Network, he created a juggernaut of broadcasting network and filled it with rabid conservatives who propagated his bigoted view of how conservatism should reign in the country.

He's credited with the electoral victories of three presidents: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. But in the end, his knack to seek sexual favors from his female staff, did him in. He was forced out of Fox News last year, at the height of several allegations of sexual impropriety.

But he bequeaths the world a vibrant news outlet that alternately serves as the unapologetic arm of Conservatives, and as a mainstream broadcaster with some of the finest journalists around. In other words, he knew how to make money by appealing to a radical wing of a dwindling political bloc.


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