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{UAH} Ocen/Pojim: Jubilee is running scared but acting business as usual


Seriously, me thinks JP is completely thrown out of its original 8 August election framework! The manner and vitriol outbursts JP is coming out with tends to reveal "caught-pants-down" situation!


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President Uhuru Kenyatta.  Photo/FILE

ARE President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured) and his Jubilee brigade increasingly worried about another faceoff with NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga at the August polls? Word has it is no longer business as as usual in the ruling party since Raila was named standard-bearer. Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto immediately dismissed Raila's candidature on Thursday and even considered him a pushover. Corridors is told the JP principals' failure to divide NASA to either split vote-rich Western or Ukambani is giving them sleepless nights. It is said JP has resorted to capitalising on propaganda such as terming Raila and his running mate weak candidates they defeated in 2013 to cause voter apathy in NASA strongholds. It is also said JP has instructed its bloggers and propagandists to up their game to ensure there is widespread apathy among NASA voters for an easy win come August 8.

STILL on matters Jubilee, one of its senior members in the august House is a deeply worried man. Word has it that the outspoken legislator seems to have been shocked by the outcome of the JP and ODM nominations that saw big names in Mt Kenya, Rift Valley and Nyanza go down like ninepins. The lawmaker, given a direct JP ticket to defend his seat against a strong NASA candidate, was spotted in Nairobi a day after nominations in deep thought and wearing a doleful look. The fallen big names in the political arena must have shaken him to the bone and he is no doubt morosely contemplating whether a similar fate awaits him on August 8.

WHILE hospitals in some counties are desperately in need of ambulances, some in Nairobi are being used for a completely different mission that has left many people with more questions than answers. Every 7am, an ambulance from the Nairobi Remand and Allocation Prison drives to the Kenyatta National Hospital. But do not be fooled into thinking that the ambulance is dropping sick remandees or warders, no! The car drives to the Nairobi Area Traffic Headquarters, where it drops a horde of prison warders. The same trip happens in the evening as the van drops and picks up other warders. Why waste such a precious resource? There are counties that would gladly exchange this facility for another van.

JUST what is happening at the Judiciary? A little bird whispers to Corridors that either something is not right or Chief Justice David Maraga's administration is broke. It is said staffers and lawyers are complaining because files used for opening new cases are no longer provided. Lawyers are either asked to bring along theirs or court clerks forced to look for old ones. Even during hard times, such items were always in plenty at court registries across the country. Lawyers now want the CJ to fix the problem.

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