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{UAH} OGOLE IS ALIVE: Fresh panic in Luweero as thugs drop new letters

Fresh panic in Luweero as thugs drop new letters

  • Written by URN

There is fresh panic in Luweero district following new anonymous letters dropped by unidentified thugs warning of an impending against residents in the area. The copy of the letter URN has seen, threatens hack residents from Bamunanika in Bamunanika county up to Busula village in Katikamu sub-county.
The thugs have asked the residents 'to be ready', saying they will attack any time from now. Unlike similar letters dropped by thugs earlier, this time around the authors have provided a phone number, 0773635349, registered under the name, Francis Tanzekpwe for those who wish to join them.
Paul Luzinda, a resident of Lukowe trading center, says he picked the anonymous letter near his shop and decided to take it to Julius Owori, the Musaale Parish Internal Security Officer (PISO). Owori says he received two copies of the same letter from residents of Lukooge.
"In the morning hours there; when I was just from my bed, residents came with some pieces of paper with notes. They told me we have a new threat. They said; 'there are things which do not make us happy. You read them.' I read those notes and they were saying they are going to cut our people from Bamunanika to Bakula. I got worried. That is why I took those papers to police in Wobulenzi. And, they [police] are telling us they are aware and will assist us with that issue. But in our area people are really worried". 

Paul Wataka, the Luweero district police commander has confirmed the threats, saying they have launched investigations into the source of the letter. According to Wataka, they are not living anything to chance since the thugs have kept their word whenever they have threatened to attack.
About a fortnight ago, unidentified thugs dropped similar letters in Luweero town. The thugs asked residents near fuel pump stations and police stations to relocate to a distance not less than 500 meters to avoid being killed in attacks. They however, have not attacked any etrol stations. 

The anonymous letters first appeared in greater Masaka and Mbarara areas before they spread to other parts including Kampala, Wakiso and Luweero districts. 

Just last week, unidentified thugs dropped anonymous letters at the home of the Vice President Edward Sekandi home in Masaka asking him to join the struggle to overthrow President Yoweri Museveni's government.


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