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Brothers and sisters, this morning, with my colleague of Bukedde
newspaper Ahmed Mukiibi, moderated by Mr. Innocent Tegusuulwa, on
Bukedde TV I, we have examined the first 366 days of Kisanja Hakuna
Mchezo and we have agreed that in accordance with the promises of NRM
manifesto 2016, much is still wanting.
While defence and national security is guaranteed, personal security
had loopholes until panga men and their leaflets were stopped in
greater Masaka.
On essential commodities, a kilogram of sugar is at over 7,000/- and
there seems no immediate solution. Indigenous traders are up in arms
against fake foreign investors.
We had promised to build silos, after selling what had been built in
the past, but until now no foundation had been laid for the
construction, yet we need relief food for now and future.
While according to Maputo Protocol, agriculture must take not less
that 15 percent, it is still less than six percent.
On corruption, although, there are a few arrests and on bail, the
menace in on increase and some do it with impunity.
On land which is the basis for prosperity for all as Uganda is an
agricultural country, land grabbing and eviction is on increase,
including "Kyapa mu ngalo " project by Mmengo, at the expense of
Kabaka's subjects who are his customary tenants. We all agreed that
the commission of inquiry set up, is mere Panadol.
When l attempted to include the end of first term of Charles Peter
Mayiga as Katikkiro, l was told, off record, that terms ended with
J.B. Walusimbi, and that for Mayiga, he is Katikkiro for life. Let's
watch with interest.
From Bukedde TV, l went for Juma prayer at Nakasero, where they
cautioned us to prepare for Ramadhan,Umura and Hadj and with the will
of God, l shall be on Dream TV with Haji Hamin Ssentongo, NRM Veteran
and Publicity Secretary for Kyankwanzi District and we shall continue
examining 366 days including Kagoma bye election and an attempt to
denfrranchise Kampala citizens through an amendment to KCCA Act. Stay

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