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In an interview with Andrwew Mwenda, Obote on his death bed, described
Byanyima as a nationalist who should have been in UPC but not in DP.
In one of the press conferences at DP headquarters, when l was still
working with Ngabo / The Star newspapers in early nineties,, l asked
him whether President Museveni was a DP as he used to say when his
detractors said that he was a UPC, he replied that :He was my youth
Later President Museveni told us at a rally at Saza Grounds, Masaka in
1995,that he was in DP for nine years and in UPC for five months
before Amin staged 1971 coup. He said that both parties are similar
only that DP had never seized state power.
He also narrated to us how during 1966 crisis Government provided him
a Helicopter from Mbarara to Uganda Club for a crisis meeting when
Obote abrogated 1962 Independence Constitution and replaced it with
1966 Pigeon Hole Constitution.

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