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{UAH} PREDICTION: New holocaust to cleanse Europe of infiltration

In the near future, a super leader will emerge who will take drastic action to rid  Europe of the influx of aliens now threatening the integrity of European culture and progress. Europe has been invaded by aliens esp. from the Arabian peninsular now carrying out and planning attacks meant to decimate the original inhabitants of Europe with a view to perpetuate one race-Arabism-and its religious trappings. 

This situation has been made possible by benighted leaders of Europe including Merkel, Sarkozy, Blair who trade political expediency while claiming to fight for human rights of aliens and trying so hard to rub off the memory of Hitler who intended to preserve European supremacy by maintaining pure blood lines. The latter acted ahead of his time and was misunderstood and driven into making mistakes. 

However, a new Hitler is about to emerge, who will require that the mainland of Europe reverts to its state of 1700. Anybody without roots in the continent dating back till that time had better pack up and ship out.

Woe unto illegals!!

Robert Atuhairwe

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