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As has been widely reported yesterday in the local media under the obviously far-fetched tabloid headline "Idi Amin loses MP seat", my nephew Taban Amin (aka Jegejege) has had his Parliamentary election victory cancelled on grounds of clearly a minor technicality.
I ask that you hereby brace yourselves for the judge's mind-boggling ruling.
Are you ready? Let's go:

"We found that the 1st respondent was nominated as Taban Idi Amin. The academic documents bear the name Taban Idi Amin. The national voters register bears the names Idi Taban Amin Tampo. He was declared winner and Gazetted as Taban Idi Amin. And that the result tally sheet indicates the name Taban Idi Amin. The national identity card bears the name Idi Taban Amin Tampo, and his passport bears the name Idi Taban Amin."

The justices of appeal (which included Steven Kavuma famous for his "Stupid rulings" as recently stated by Uganda's Rt. Honourable Madame the Speaker of Parliament), concluded that "Taban Idi Amin did not change his name legally." That "Taban Idi Amin did not give any satisfactory explanation as to the discrepancy in the name Idi Taban Amin Tampo as indicated in the National voters register and National ID, Taban Idi Amin on the nomination form and academic documents, and Idi Taban Amin as indicated in his passport."

So basically if you are momentarily confused like I was, my nephew had all the prescribed requirements but had his election victory cancelled because of his additional name "Tampo"?
Katonda wange!!!
However the law is the law no matter how pountless it might be.
I also encourage calm, and due respect for standing procedures and electoral law.
At this stage my message to the people of Kibanda North constituency is Do not let the court decision crush your hopes. Your victory has only been temporarily delayed. It is now time to snatch it back from the loosers who are trying to take it away from you. They want to make you fail. Yet what I know is that the peoples voice was overwhelmingly clear on February 18th 2016. The resounding victory margin was by far beyond what anyone had expected, with Taban Amin getting 24,658 votes while the annoyed candidate towing in second place had only 16,118 votes.
So I call on Kibanda North to remain firm in your resolve to see a new, dynamic leadership represent your constituency in Parliament.
Whether you are traditionally an FDC, NRM, UPC, or Democratic Party supporter, what has happened in the courts should only make your will even stronger to stand up, come together and let the country, the courts and the candidates know without any doubt that you embrace the future. That you are behind the best candidate for Kibanda North constituency: Taban Idi Amin (aka Jegejege).
Let them know that their attempt to cancel your 2016 choice is futile. You know the leader you want. The one who with God's help will make a real, tangible difference in the community.
Other candidates have proved  that they don't care about your daily sufferings. They don't even care about what you the people decided in February 2016. They only care about themselves being in parliament enjoying the money and the free cars. Jegejege already has his own money...and cars, and he has already made meaningful efforts in the community for the people of Kibanda North even before you voted for him.
As we correct the discrepancies noted by the judges, let us all be patient and wait for the new nomination arrangements and by-election dates. And then lets ensure that God willing, the choice the people of Kibanda North constituency made in 2016 is voiced even louder this time.

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin.
Secretary for the Amin Family Committee.

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