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{UAH} Sad to hear of the death of Ivan Ssemwanga!

Sad to hear of the death of Ivan Ssemwanga, just 40 years old.May God bless his surviving family and friends during this their sad time. All kinds of death are a reflection for those left behind to change for the better in the eyes of God, before obviously God takes them too. A stroke or "brain attack" occurs when blood circulation to the brain becomes interrupted, causing cells in that part of the brain to die due to lack of oxygen and nutrients.There isn't much we can do about clots except take extremely good care of ourselves, get to the doctor immediately when you start feeling any pain in the legs, arms or chest or showing any swelling, and total bed rest.Most people especialy diabetics take blood thinning medication(mainly aspirin) to reduce the risk of developing a clot.


*Abbey Kibirige  Semuwemba*

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"My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!"

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