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Peter Gwokto


With all due respect sir, you are accusing the president of lying about the size of his penthouse. How about you lying openly on this forum that you have an office in a tall building on 35 Parkdale in Ottawa. Strangely I was on that building just yesterday. And this is not only the lie you have told on this forum. Pick another topic to talk about because your lies are worse and cheap. Donald Trump has succeeded in life, from a successful businessman to the president of the most powerful countries in the world. People like you talk the way you do, because you failed in your life. Let The president do his work. You can talk all nonsense about him and the man will still stay where he is, president of the United States of America period. Look for a firkin job instead of spending time talking rubbish about Donald Trump. Peter you and your irks have talked about Museveni honestly for how many years? Almost 40? What has changed? Yes there is something that has changed, for George Okello that was a sober man before Museveni came to power, his photographs are today being posted in Uganda forums, with wet pants for he has drunk so much and pissed into them. Get a firkin life people. I apologize for not appending this posting to the garbage you posted,  for I am shot of time to find it, for in a couple of days I have to fly home after I finish two days of meetings in London.


Get a life people !!!!!


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"With Yoweri Museveni, Ssabassajja and Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Uganda is in anarchy"
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