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Thank U daktari &/or concerned,

for enlightenment relating to Hook's Law albeit in misleadingly
stereotype manners. This is given that genetically Hooks law
of elasticity is not equally applicable to all human race species.
It's perceptive of you however to take note below that:

"It is for this reason that many a female in the western society opt
for C/S deliveries to try to keep the integrity of those muscles...
yet as they age, they find themselves in the same boat".

Blessings to all our good g - village cosmetic surgeons restoring
integrity while making a living around that and other deformations
- some of which supposedly could allow in trailers, besides oxygen.
Fortunately the deformation being referred to below is only imaginary.

Ref. Hook's Law:
F= - kX, where F is the force applied to the material (either in the
form of stress or strain);  X is the displacement of the material ,
with a negative value demonstrating the displacement of
the material once it is stretched; and k is the material's  constant
and details just how stiff it is.

-    - End.


Peace, To Uganda & To The Global Village
 Amb. Ikanos *aka *Doyen Al_Wasi Ata - Eidi II     

* If U can keep your head, when all about you, are losing theirs and
blaming it on'll be a man, my son! - Rudyard Kipling
(so, how many men do we have here at the U@H forum?)

1. Q.Q. "If the other side of the fence looks much greener,
watering your own lawn more" & N.Note: "depending on one's eye 
lens, the grass always appears greener on the other side" - Anon.

2. Q.Q. The most important respect one can get 
is the one one gives to oneself a.k.a. self respect.

3. Q.Q.: "If U can't fly then run, if U can't run then walk, if U can't walk 
then crawl, but whatever U do, U have to keep on moving forward."
– Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Q.Q.: "If we are to judge people on the basis of what we say that 
they think... - that is one of the definitions of tyranny a.k.a. cruelty"
-  Jean-Marie Le Pen 

5. Q.Q.: "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent
we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." - George Washington

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Hmmm! How "good" is the Dr you are referring people to?
Must there exist a gap to allow oxygen given that the type of oxygen you
may be referring to is medicinal oxygen which is given through tubes by way of a mask.
The oxygen we all breathe in is atmospheric aka ambient oxygen which needs no gaps
lest you say even that cleft betwixt what you described as "beautiful" buttocks will also
clamor for this prescribed oxygen of yours.

Anyway, the gist of the message was that that part of the human anatomy follows the elastic
recoils only within the confines of Hook's laws.Once those confines are surpassed,they undergo
plastic deformation hence their ability to allow in trailers not just oxygen.It is for this reason that many a female in the western society opt for C/S deliveries to try to keep the integrity of those muscles yet as they age, they find themselves in the same boat.

I know many cosmetic surgeons who are making a living around that place because every female wants to engage in those exercises while obeying Hook's laws.

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