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As you 'enjoy' the day off today, remember the millions of jobless, street begging Afrikans across the continent and, those cleaning the streets in colonial Europe and north America and, certainly include those girls exported as maids to the Middle East and, of course those who export themselves there for 'love' of oil dollars but, as options of last resort while : the new masters fly their babies to pop babies in Europe using workers' monies, build mansions using your monies, fly 'side-dishes' (only Ugandans get this) 'chicks' to shop abroad using workers' money, jog and gym because of excess foods while millions of our peoples starve because of 'no food', I mean those new 'owners' of the workers in the military, police, security agencies, industries, land, oil, banks....and, yes, I mean the Museveni bandits, his newly trained 'boys' within East Afrika, the (other Afrikan brothers I am shy to mention for diplomatic reasons) and, the true beneficiaries including Sudhir, Pike, Rowlands, Smith and Smith, and their local boys (and a few girls) and, ooops, I have typed without a full stop - I mean UPE. Africans, on this Workers Day, wake up, take Ownership. It is possible, just believe in better.


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