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{UAH} TORTURE AT NILE MANSIONS (Now Serena Hotel Kampala)

Picture (see attachment): President Amin (RIP) waves at foreign dignitaries being flown to Entebbe airport by helicopter from the Nile Mansions & Conference Center complex.


From colonial times to this day, violence has been a constant in Ugandan society. Whether it was the British, the Indians, the successive Ugandan regimes, the people, the step father's & step mother's, the mobs, iron bar hitmen, or even teachers at schools, corporal abuse features as a permanent sore in the Ugandan psyche as a common practice.
It is even sometimes seen by society as necessary, educative.
It is sad to note that traditionally, Ugandan society believes that one doesn't learn the lesson if they have not been given a good corporal punishment.
Even more incredibly, there are research findings that report of communities where physical abuse is considered as a sign of love that a man has for his woman. It is said that in such instances, the woman deliberately provokes the man's anger "to see if he still loves me".
Mob justice is particularly telling because it means that the average Ugandan that you see walking innocently on the streets and smiling happily at muzungu tourists, is not only ready to torture his fellow Ugandan, they are also ready to kill (usually by stoning to death) if they encounter a pickpocket who stole 1000/= shillings ($0.30 cents), or someones mobile phone. Even a rich Ugandan with an expensive car that involuntarily knocked a pedestrian who recklessly crossed the road. That is why drivers in Uganda always flee the scene of any accident if they can. They know they are going to be killed by that ordinary smiling Ugandan pedestrian nearby.
Obviously we have to hold the state accountable for its actions and the people expect higher standards from government officials.
Times also change, and therefore, the culture of corporal abuse becomes increasingly unacceptable. Uganda is also a signatory to international instruments that ban such practices. Torture must therefore end.
However, I worry for the future when known killers try to deflect their bloody share of their horrific murders to my father. If one doesn't accept THEIR responsibility for THEIR actions, how will they ever really change to become better persons? How do we really have a better country when people think that the crimes they comitted were ok? 
This is the case of the tribalist so-called liberation and Obote conmen who have continuously and systematically sought to hide their violent rule and what their rogue UNLA army did to the Baganda ethnic group and all other tribes in the country after Amin left Uganda.
So let me set their appalling human rights record straight. Particularly in regards to Nile Mansions.
President Amin 's known interrogation center was the State Research bureau. An office building in Nakasero that exists to this day (though still a restricted area).
But for the Nile Mansions and International Conference Center (Now Serena Kampala hotel), we all know that Amin built the hotel in 1975 for purposes of hosting African Heads of states and all other foreign delegations visiting the country. It was a prestigious first class hotel with impeccable service and also providing local entertainment for Ugandans. This included cultural dance groups and live bands in the vast gardens. Under Amin, public functions, parades, and state ceremonies (including the African Union OAU summit) were held at the Nile Mansions.
Ugandans were always invited and they thronged the venue in their tens of thousands. One big attraction during public functions was the famous Uganda Police band drum major called Okello (Venacio), the most famous Acholi during the Amin days.
Children created the well known song "Okello Talina mpale" (Okello doesn't have underwear) when the drum major tore his pants while attempting one of his thrilling stunts during a march past.
After the 1979 war, it is the so-called liberators including Milton Obote, Oyite Ojok, Yoweri Museveni (their defence minister), Tito Okello, Paulo Mwanga, Basilio Okello and the Tanzanian commanders who first turned the Nile Hotel into a UNLA/Tanzanian forces command center. Two rooms in the hotel and several offices in the conference center then became their interrogation/torture chambers.
When Obote returned in 1980, he created a secret police called the National Security Agency (NASA). This regime outfit also took office space at Nile Mansions where they tortured and killed suspects in the infamous rooms 211 and 213, and at the basement of the once prestigious International Conference Center.
These are documented in the 1986 human rights commission report.
When the NRA took over, they kept using all those offices.
However, thousands of Ugandans were tortured and murdered during the Obote regime at Nile Mansions.
They actually started secretely burying victims in mass graves around the compound. By then they had now sealed off the entire venue to the public. Yet Amin had built it as a public recreational area, especially the beautiful gardens which were open free of charge to anyone, just like the nearby Sheraton gardens.
However even after a permanently drunk Milton Obote closed the venue to the public, passers by used to recount the disturbing stench of death coming from the compound.
The number of mass graves still in the Nile Hotel compound to this day is unknown. The last one unearthed was in the year 2000.
The stories narrated by survivors is quite disturbing. Blood stains, human organs including brain splatter and human eyes gouged out by their Obote torturers. The Obote/liberation soldiers used to cut people's Achilles heels and called the technic "removing the fuse". That way the captive could not flee. Other things they did to both men and women alike, are too grim to mention here.
These are merciless killers who today act like innocent virgins. Yet for example under Amin, Uganda never had mass graves or the hundreds of thousands of skulls and skeletons of innocent peasants mercilessly murdered all around the country by the Milton Obote's, Okello's, Museveni's, and others still at large.
To the youths of today, do not allow yourselves to be fooled by anyone who comes to you talking about mbu "liberation".
Thesly are all consumate liars as they once said themselves. If they were honest, Uganda would have long been a real pearl of Africa far better than Rwanda or Kenya of today. And all they say about President Amin was simply intended to get them to power, or to keep themselves in power.
Yet they have committed the worst horrors ever committed in this country.
There is no time in the history of Uganda that the people have suffered more than under the so-called liberation after Amin left in 1979.
These monsters (and Obote honestly looks like a drunk one) basically embarked on a cacophony of war crimes, murder, genocide, torture, rape, land grabs, assassinations, 5 coups, total economic collapse, tribalism, no functioning state institutions, no public services, fifteen rebel groups, extreme nationwide poverty, ravaging HIV/AIDS, and daily crimes against humanity during ten years of hell on earth with more than a million civilians dead... mbu "liberation".
Today everyone is discussing what is happening at Nalufenya police station where even two year old children are held in maximum detention. Uganda is in the international spotlight for systematic torture by state agents who, even after the outcry, are still having their contracts extended by parliament. What civilised good-governance/democracy is that?
But no matter how they try to hide their inclination for killing people, and no matter how they try to deflect their murderous nature, no matter how they try to point people away from their incredibly dirty linen, these people remain the heartless, unpatriotic criminals that Amin tried to warn everyone about in 1977. In fact after they came back to Uganda, they immediately embarked on proving Amin's warnings right. These were the wakondo criminals and abductors now calling themselves liberators under their god Milton Obote.
They turned the sumptuous​ Nile Hotel into their murder and torture center, and its compound into their killing grounds complete with mass graves hidden there to this day. It will need forensic excavations by Scotland yard with advanced radar detection equipment to find and get the remains out for a proper burial.
Basically, what President Idi Amin had built as a beautiful, world class, clean public space with hotel and conference center to showcase Uganda in its best light to foreign visitors, these assassins and war criminals came and turned the pristine venue into a death camp for killing innocent Ugandan civilians. Citizens who might not even have understood what they ever did wrong to the Obote/UNLA goons, but died forever silenced in the Nile Hotel compound, Kireka Public safety Unit grounds, Mbuya military barracks compound, and at Namanve forest reserve. These are all Obote/UNLA mass grave sites.
The same Obote/UNLA people who almost killed the entire population of West Nile in an untold genocide. They murdered two thirds of the people of Luweero in another genocide. Slaughtered civilians in eastern uganda where every single village from Mbale to Soroti has a secret mass grave site survivors were reportedly told to shut up about. They savagely harrassed other villages in greater Masaka district because the Milton Obote ideology believed that "a good Muganda is a dead one". He even had a bus nick-named "mpaawo atalikaaba" (meaning give me those who can't cry anymore). The bus did the rounds of Kampala city at 6am every day collecting the dead bodies of the people killed by Milton Obote's mad henchmen the previous night.
Today it is quite a spectacle seeing them doing everything possible to appear as human rights activists and defenders of democracy. Most have never faced justice.
While some of us have been quiet for decades and actually moved on from past enemities, they instead seem to gain political survival by using lies about Amin to deflect people from their own horrors.
That way they probably hope to fool Ugandans into seeing them as beacons of hope or fountains of knowledge.
If only they first repented and apologized publicly to the country. On the contrary they generally refuse to carry their cross or accept responsibility. They have literally doctored the history of Uganda to hide the patches of blood dripping from their hands and mouths.
They talk diplomatically about health, education, rule of law, and democracy, but the only thing they are silently hoping for as we speak is total chaos, and more bloodshed including at the once prestigious Nile Mansions that the fascists turned into the most feared torture & death camp in Uganda.

By Hussein Lumumba Amin

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