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The Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has lashed at police for torturing suspects as a means of extracting information from them.
The Katikiro who has now been in that office for four years held an exclusive press conference with Online Media Association (OMA) practitioners at Bulange in Mengo.
Mr Mayiga said that torturing suspects is not only old fashioned but also dehumanizing on the side of the suspects who may even turn out to be innocent, adding that the police should ensure professionalization of the institution.
"Torture is not one of the modern methods in investigation. This shows that the police lacks in professionalism, Mr Mayiga said adding that "Police Criminal Investigation Division (CID) needs to do more," Mayiga said.
The Katikiro's comments come at the backdrop of the torture of the Kamwenge mayor Mr Geoffrey Byamukama at the hands of police.
The politician who was arrested over a month ago as a suspect in the murder of Kaweesi and two others is nursing deep wounds on his knees and ankles, which appear to have been inflicted by sharp objects.
He advised the force to be more proactive rather than counteractive in their approach to fight crime.
"Why not try detecting and preventing crime," Mr Mayiga whom some people say is a a potential presidential candidate advised police.
On running for president
Mr Mayiga told the curious journalists who asked him about his presidential ambitions that he can never limit his potential, insinuating that he could at some point run for the biggest political office in the country.
 "I am currently focused on serving Buganda but I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I never say never," the Katikiro said eluding the fact that he could actually run for president.
On Buganda land issues
Speaking on the recent land matters, Mr Mayiga said that the initiative that will unite Baganda, adding that those that are opposed to it such as agents of detractors.
In a veiled attack, Mr Mayiga described Tamale Mirundi and Muslim cleric Nuhu Muzaata as agents of Buganda detractors, urging Baganda to ignore the two outspoken members of the kingdom on the 49-year lease titles, a matter that has caused a stir among various sections of Baganda.
The Katikiro took a swipe at Mr Tamale Mirundi, a former State House employee and Muslim cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata saying that the two were also opposed to the well intentioned and hugely successful fundraising for the rebuilding of Kasubi Tombos dubbed Etofalli. The fundraising raised Shs13billion.
"The detractors of Ekyapa mu Ngalo are the same people who were opposed Etofaali because it is easy for one to destabilize those without Ekyapa," Mayiga said.
Mr Mayiga highlighted five principles that he said have been top on his agenda as Buganda's katikiro.
Mayiga said that preservation of cultural heritage and identity, fairness, and hard work have been among his main principles.
He urged Buganda royalists to shun the ideas of Mr Mirundi and Mr Muzaata who have been at the forefront of the rebellious group against the initiative.
Although the two prominent Baganda have criticized the Mengo establishment as trying to grab land from unsuspecting royalists, Mr Mayiga who has now served as Katikiro for four years said that since 1994, following the  restoration of the Kingdoms in 1993, over 20, 000 people living on Kabaka's land had received Certificates of Title (Kyapa Mungalo).

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