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{UAH} Uganda Registration Services Bureau head of registry Maudah Atuzarirwe dies in Car accident

Uganda Registration Services Bureau head of registry Maudah Atuzarirwe dies in Car accident


Former head of registry at Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), Maudah Atuzarirwe has died in a motor accident Sunday morning along Masaka Road as she traveled from Bushenyi to Kampala. She died on the spot when her vehicle slide off the road and crushed into a road side trench.

At the time of her death according to Kampala law monthly Magazine, She was co authoring a book with her brother on the IP Law in Uganda, she was a Partner at Byarugaba and Company Advocates, with qualifications of LLM Muk, MBA esami, LLB MUK and was a mother of three.

Maudah was one of the longest serving registrars having served as a State Attorney, at the Registrar Generals office, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and was also a Director of Business Registration until 2012.

While at the URSB, she took part in reforming the Partnership Act, Insolvency Act and the Companies Act of 2012.

She mentored some of the young lawyers in her pursuit of the quality of selflessness. She was also a professional advisor at Law Development Center, and she participated in the recently concluded Oral exams at LDC that took place last month.

May her Soul Rest in Paradise.


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