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{UAH} UPC revives Makerere branch

KAMPALA- A faction of the Uganda Peoples Congress Party (UPC) led by the Lira Municipality MP Mr Jimmy Akena, has reopened its Makerere University branch as part of a new agenda to strengthen party structures countrywide.

Addressing journalists at their party headquarters in Kampala on Wednesday, faction spokesman, Mr Micheal Osinde said that the opening of the branch is in fulfillment of the promise by the party leader Mr Akena, while campaigning to lead the party.

"This is a demonstration that the party is rebuilding its grassroots for better mobilisation come 2021," Mr Osinde said.

Mr Osinde said that many branches remained in limbo during the reign of Mr Olara Otunnu "due to lack of seriousness and laziness as far as party activities are concerned."

"Our appeal to party members is to come out and participate in party activities and discussions that are geared towards the formation and implementation of party policies,"Mr Osinde said.

He said that the reopening the UPC Makerere Branch would rovide a framework for party members to exercise their rights and duties.

He said since 1986, such branches and structures closed until 2005 when political parties were allowed to operate by the National Resistance Movement government led by President Yoweri Museveni.

Mr Christopher Lwanga, the head Ideology and Research said that party activities were curtailed even under the 1995 Constitution.

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