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{UAH} We wait to see Dt. Besigye's stand on Kyaddondo East

On Wednesday, Kyadondo East Parliamentary seat was declared vacant by the Court of Appeal after it withheld High Court decision to nullify Forum for Democratic Change's Apollo Kantinti's election after court in its findings, discovered that there was non-compliance with election rules during the February 18 parliamentary elections in that constituency.

On that very day singer Bobi Wine clarified that he wants to stand for the seat in the forthcoming By-elections.

Remember, last year Bobi Wine had already revealed his intentions to become a parliamentarian in the same constituency but his dreams were shuttered when Kantinti appealed in Court.

Now the question is who is Dr. Kizza Besigye going to support in the race between the two?

First, we all know Bobi Wine is a close ally to Besigye and his support towards him cannot be doubted but also Kantinti is a very stout member of FDC.

So this really leaves the four time presidential candidate confused.

We wait and see!!!!


The answer is, ordinarily, very simple and straightforward but knowing our people, the reverse will be so true.

Robert Atuhairwe

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