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{UAH} 11 year old Kia is from Gulu, Uganda and hopes one day to become an Accountant

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World Literacy Foundation
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11 year old Kia is from Gulu, Uganda and hopes one day to become an Accountant. In her classroom, she has never read a text book. In Gulu, a text book can cost a month's salary, makin it very hard for Kia to achieve her dream. Our new solar panel tablet called Sun Books has 400 text books and many other education resources pre-loaded on the device and it's the same price to buy and ship one hard copy text book to Gulu. 
For the next 72 hours, if you buy a Sun Book Tablet for Kia's classroom in Gulu, and a private Foundation will match your gift. So, two classrooms get the benefit for your generosity. Donate via (Your donation is fully tax deductible)


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