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{UAH} 7000 SFC, UPDF, marines, cops deploy for refugees summit

Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police, CP. Frank Mwesigwa, says the security situation in the country is going well.

He, however, said Boda Boda cyclists don't comply with traffic lights because they think the red light is only for cars.

"We need to be vigilant. Criminals keep changing faces. We should be on the look out to keep safer."

He added: "Where we don't have security walls, a lot is being done and a lot has been done. We always work together."

On Sunday, Mwesigwa chaired a tactical security meeting that comprised of JIC members, RPCs, DPCs was focussed on laying out a deployment plan for the Nile Basin Summit commencing that ended today 21st June 2017 at Common Wealth Speke Resort Hotel Munyonyo.

This will be followed by High Level Solidarity for Refugees Summit commencing on the 22nd – 23rd June 2017.

Over 30 heads of state or their represantives, UN Secretary General and 500 participants are expected.

Mwesigwa stressed that Kampala Metropolitan Police shall be reinforced by sister forces ie. UPDF, SFC and vital police departments like traffic, canine, Marines, counterterrorism, aviation etc.

All these security agencies have a goal to cooperate for the success of these summits.

He emphasized that the major goal is to ensure the security of HE. Yoweri Museveni President of the Republic of Ugandan Secretary General, visiting heads of state, VIPs and the public before, during and after the Summits.

Mwesigwa emphasised the role of the security as deterring any criminal/unlawful activities aimed at disrupting the summits, ensuring security in and around the venues and Kampala Metropolitan surrounding areas.

He promised a heavy deployment of covertly dressed forces and crime preventer teams at junctions, roundabouts and black spots.

A force of more than 7000 was deployed to ensure the summits are successful.

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