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Yesterday sunday, my young daughter who had stayed with me  the weekend me laugh and get frightened at the same time,  beyond belief. It just goes to show how Islamic Terrorism is beginning to affect lives of ordinary people in ways we never imagined. Islamic terrorism is not just about killing people. What psychologists or even commentators are not looking at is the effect that FEAR it generates  is having on people affecting  their lives.

On sundays, there are two trains per hour from my station to London, running at exactly 11 mins and 41 mins on the hour. I normally drive my daughter back to University, but I wanted to watch football last night, which is normally shown here free on national TV after 9 PM for those who don't subscribe to cable networks. 

We walked to the station to catch the 8.41 train but unfortunately missed it just by seconds. This meant we now had to wait for the 9.11 TRAIN, a wait of 30 minutes. At first I did not see anything wrong, afterall, it was just a short wait of only 30 mins.

Then I saw the horror on my daughter's face. She said

" Daddy, I am not getting into the 9.11 Never. What if I am blown up?"

Then it it just dawned on me that this train is scheduled at a very unfortunate time of 9.11. I could not believe it. My daughter was thinking of the 9/11 in America when muslim fiends blew up the World Trade Centre in New York City.

So my daughter refused to take that train- and we had to wait for the one after- a wait of  1 hour!! When I checked the 9.11 train, in fact there were very few passengers boarding from our station. I did not realise that people in our town are now boycotting the 9.11 service because they think it will be a terrorist target. Passnegers have in fact started a petition to the rail company to change the times.


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