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EXPOSE NO.4-  EXPOSE NO.4-  This Is Truly Chilling and Confirms Afuwa Is  Not Just A Mere Isis Sympathiser but is An Isis acivist or propagandist. Just read her defence of the Berlin Trucker Terrorist Anis Amri. Below is a video of Anis Amri pledging allegiance to Isis. This is a man Afuwa Kasule says is an innocent victim of western or CIA conspiracy. Then ask yourself the question: How many terrorists are actually hiding under the benign cover of this forum to spread hatred and defend barbarity?. How many? Afuwa's defence of Anis Amir was so shocking, especially more so as many of Amri's victims still lay in hospitals fighting for their lives

Truth: Anis Amri brutally mudrered 12 people AND INJURED HUNDREDS OF OTHERS.
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1) Breaking: ' Amaq releases video of  attacker pledging to  prior to attack

Truth: Anis Amri brutally mudrered 12 people
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{UAHBERLIN TRUCK KILLER left his passport on driver's seat.


'Afuwa Kasule' via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community <>

to uganda-muslim-.
BERLIN TRUCK KILLER left his passport on driver's seat. According to a European arrest warrant issued by Germany, Amri used at least six different aliases and three different nationalities, claiming at times to be Egyptian or Lebanese. He is believed to have carried false identity documents — but not on the night of his attack - he decides to hijack a lorry, stab and then shoot the Polish driver, and then drive a truck into a crowd of CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS.... And leave his identity papers on the seat!

So, let's unpack this for a moment; He was a refugee who had been treated badly by Italy & Germany - these nations failed to give him a home and failed to get him integrated into Italian nor German society - in fact, the police targeted this guy with lots of arrests after he had arrived as a migrant from Tunisia, which is home to the ARAB SPRING pro-democracy movement. The German authorities use him [and millions like him] as a punch bag for thug police who immediately try and deport him. But he could not be deported to Tunisia because he had no genuine identity document proving he was Tunisian - until, that is, that Anis Amri rams a truck into innocent Christmas Shoppers and leaves his ID on the seat.

This guy acted alone, decided to commit MASS MURDER, obtain a gun, stab the driver, take the wheel of a 40-ton truck and ram-raid a crowd - all within minutes. Yes, I can easily believe this guy had a GRUDGE - but his grudge would have been against the POLICE who victimised him, his grudge would have been against Merkel - so how come he didn't ram-raid a POLICE STATION? All we now know is that in May 2015 Mr. Amri is arrested in Belpasso, Italy — a small town on the east coast of Sicily — and is sentenced to four years in prison for causing a fire, damaging property and making threats - these crimes were committed in protest to poor living conditions and delays in the processing of his asylum claims. Italian prison records show he spent nearly four years in a total of six prisons before being equally badly treated in Germany... After the truck attack, he is shot dead by Italian police. And there, kiddywinkies, we have to leave this terrible story and await the next ATTACK ON INNOCENT PEOPLE - because this is now fallen into an obvious pattern - in which we now have the perfect COVER STORY and COVER AGENDA for False Flag terror attacks on any citizen in Europe. Which is just the way Merkel likes it.

Bobby Alcantara <>

to ugandans-at-he.
Afuwa kasule,
This is nonsense. Don't defend barbarism. This young man set fire to his refugee camp, seriously injuring several asylum seekers, including children. He never jumped into the fire he set up, but allowed other unsuspecting victims including children to burn nearly to death. What did you expect the Italian authorities to  do? Molly-coddle him? He is lucky he was tried in Italy, because in the UK, he would have been tried for attempted murder and given a  far longer stretch in jail than the 4 years he got in Italy.
It is clear, this young man was radicalised when he was in prison, or before he left Tunisia. Tunisia currently produces nearly 50% of all the ISIS fighters in the middle east. It is the granary of world terror. Amri was one of those jihadists infiltrated into Europe under the guise of being refugees or asylum seekers. Do you sincerely expect Italy or any other government in the world to welcome murderers or potential murderers with a red carpet?. Certainly in the UK, Amriwould never have been given an opportunity to murder people like he did in Germany
Again you write NONSENSE when you state that Amri's grudge should have been against the police and not the German people. Have you actually read the Blue Print of ISIS? Are you not a muslim yourself? If you are, why have you not the Blue Print of ISIS which is circulated freely on the internet?  This Blue Print is very clear. ISIS instructs all its fighters to take on soft targets, usually defenceless and unarmed civilians. All jihadist fighters are cowards and will never take on an armed force like an army or a police force. They almost always target civilians. Are you not aware of this? Where have you been living?
I already informed you before, ISIS and all Islamic Terror groups will target the most vulnerable people in society to recruit as its cannon fodder. Nearly all jihadist suicide bombers are recruited from disaffected young men  who have failed to integrate in European society and have fallen foul of the criminal justice system. Nearly 99% of all the Islamic terrorists who have carried out suicide bombings or other atrocities on European soil have served terms in prison for criminal offences and many have been recruited and radicalised when in prison.
I am very shocked- in fact very appalled by your suggestion that Amri, a brutal monster who murdered 12 people and injured hundreds of others should somehow have our sympathy. I am very angry with you for making such a suggestion. Amri and others like him are Bad People and deserve no sympathy. They must be dealt with in the only language they understand, which is being jailed or eliminated so as to reduce the threat they pose to world peace.

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