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The current insecurity in the north has taken my eye off the current political drama in the UK. The continuous confrontation along Acoli-Madi border  among the Apaa residents is a clear testimony that more regional power to deal with regional issues is much needed. Such clashes will increase in scope and intensity if decision is made far away, by a gov't with little or no idea of the history of the place. A federal administration, therefore, is best suited to handle complex issues. As Acholi leaders far and wide ponder over the issue, they should realise that a far away government is not fit to deal with such local and historical issues and therefore its incumbent that they consider the notion of local solution for local problem as the best approach. A concept federalists having been calling and will continue to pursue as future panacea to Ugandans fractured nation. 

My call to Acholi leaders and all Ugandan, is to embrace federalism in order to have grasp on local issues. 

FEDBY20/20 Campaign. Supporting federalism as a system of governance in future Uganda.

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