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{UAH} Allan/Gook/Pojim: Those Luo's.

Did you know?

1. Luos don't stagger when drunk, they just walk in Italics.

2. A luo doesn't live in 'Nyumba Ya Mabati,' they live in Aluminium Apartments.

3. Luos don't shout,… They talk in Upper case.

4. Luos don't lose, they postpone victory.

5. Luos don't fail exams, they just differ with the examiner.

6. Luos don't walk around with phones,they circumnavigate around with cellular gadgets.

7. Luos don't smile, the vessels in their cheeks rotate in a circular manner.

8. Luos don't pee, they engage their urethra in an action of depositing ammonia through titration yawa!

9. Luos don't attend events, their arrival is the event.

10. Learned luos don't shave their hair, they cut down their academic fibres.

11. Luos don't eat ordinary bread, it must be sanctioned by Baba or Obama.

12. Luos don't cheat on their women, they just love every female equally.

13. Luos don't become broke, they are on financial off peak.

14. Luos never slap women, they caress them at an accelerating speed.

15. Luos don't throw stones, they just distribute natural resources vertically.

16.Luo is a lifestyle YAWA

Moses Ocen Nekyon

Democracy is two Wolves and a Lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed Lamb disputing the results.

Benjamin Franklin

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