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{UAH} Among peoples of the world Arabs are very primitive.

If Arab women were to be treated as African women are treated by Arab
men – in Africa there will be uproar by Africans. That the level of
Africans civilization.
The inhuman way, migrants workers are treated in Arab countries will
never be acceptable in Asia, American and Europe not least Africa. Not
to provide the basics or least have in their laws provision to protect
workers shows how low Arabs are on social scale!

I saw this first when a Lebanese woman I think she might have been in
her early twenties came to me and asked for my hand to escape here
fiancé. Subsequently I was to witness the same as Iranian women
divorced their husbands in Europe because of brutality.

In my view, putting a woman n the same level as his male counterpart
might be the highest level of civilization Africans mastered before
the world did. The next is realization that people of race is a human
being something a large group of Arabs seems not to accept!

Why on earth Uganda is really sending young African women to be
tormented and tortured by these brutes, escapes all reasons!



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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