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I have just heard from one of my boys from Dokolo who is injured and is now in a hospital in Kenya. He is a serving soldier in the Ugandan contingent Kayibanda Two Buttocks Museveni sent to Somalia to be sacrificial lambs in one of his mercenary portfolios. He says he was injured in an attack by Al Shabab. I had earlier warned him to have nothing to do with the Rwandan outlaw- but poverty is pushing many young Ugandans to do do desperate things. I dont know how badly injured he is- but I have asked my Kenyan girl-friend who works with Save The Children in Nairobi  to go and check on him. It may mean repatriating him back to Uganda if it is serious. Every new day brings a new problem and a new challenge from Uganda. It is never-ending.

Good morning, have a blessed weekend !

Hello there, hope you ok. Keep well.

am not ,am in Kenya, hospital l have broken leg
Sorry to hear about that. What happenned? Is it serious? And how long will they keep you there for?

it was an ambush from slahabab,now am here for the last three weeks ago but getting better
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