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{UAH} Apparently Mobile Money charges have been increased!


Apparently Mobile Money charges have been increased! The increase must have been in the budget last week! This country's tax Policy is collapsing businesses slowly! Gov't just keeps loading more taxes on business segments of the telecoms sector that are working year on year! Btw was there a tax on the internet data??!! Now yesterday I happened to send Mobile Money (UGX 400,000) and total charges on that transaction was UGX8,500! After walking away from the MM joint, it hit me - I was in Ntinda and the guy I sent the money to was in Wandegeya! When you do the maths, there was no point in me giving away a whole 6k to MTN and indeed the Gov't! This predatory Government is not helping businesses grow, its killing them because while MM is a good thing, people will go back to the old ways of sending money! I realized after that transaction that I should have jumped on a taxi, taken the money to Wandegeya at way cheaper cost at the expense of say an hour and a half!

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