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{UAH} A billionaire wants to help 24 Nigerian girls who were held captive by Boko Haram

Robert Smith (and His Wife), A Black American Billionaire Has Offered Scholarships to 24 of The Nigerian Chibok Girls Who Were Recently Released From Captivity  And Sexual Slavery By The Barbaric Islamic Jihadist Group Called Boko Haram. He Will pay For Their Education In A University In Nigeria Which Charges $11,000 per year. He Has Also Offered To Send All Of The Remaining Girls Still Being Held Captive By Boko Haram To University or College If The Terrorists Release Them. Mr Smith Says he Is Motivated By "God's Love  and Christian Compassion". A Majority Of The Former Captives Are Muslim By Faith, But This Did Not Stop The Boko Haram from Subjecting Them To One Of The Most Barbaric And Shocking Atrocities Of The 21st Century. Boko Haram Is Fighting To Establish An Islamic Caliphate Or Paradise On Earth.


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SO kind of him. May God bless him MORE


A billionaire wants to help 24 Nigerian girls who were held captive by Boko Haram — by paying for their college education.

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