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{UAH} Bleaching beauty experts predict Gen Jeje Odongo’s future skin colour

Bleaching beauty experts predict Gen Jeje Odongo's future skin colour

Bleaching beauty experts predict Gen Jeje Odongo's future skin colour

By John Kazooba

Beauty experts are concerned that the skin texture of the Internal Affairs minister had reached threatening levels.

At Gen Jeje Odongo's last appearance to give a briefing about the state of affairs in the Kasese conflict, the general appears yellow, close to the skin colour of Chinese.

Ms Anette Mukisa, a beauty expert in Kampala told Watchdog website that the minister's bleaching had reached a point of returned and wondered that the general was doing to himself.

"Even us women, it takes stupid women to bleach themselves to that level. That is burning one's own skin pigment," the expert weighed in.

The general who was chocolate by the time he was appointed army commander in 1998, is more brown that socialite Zari.

Ms Mukisa warns that if Gen Odongo continues to bleach his skin, it would give way to skin cancer. And if he stops bleaching, he would turn more black that charcoal.

She advised the general to quickly reduce on the chemicals he is using on his skin.

"It is better to turn black again than allow cancer to eat your skin. If the general wants life, let him stop using such damaging chemicals on himself."


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