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{UAH} CAOs are thieves, says Museveni


Had you accepted to work with Museveni even just as a CAO; this is what you would be boosting of completely free of any fear of anybody following you. Now all you would have  to do is to repent!
I hope this one of yours that you are talking about is not like the others, for example, we send money for developing different local groups but it never reaches there. Since 1995, we have been sending money through the National Agricultural advisory Services (Naads) -Shs361b, the district youth groups- Shs265b and the women development- Shs82B, to mention but a few…all this money disappears," the President said."

Government condoning corruption? Haaaa, see my friend Gook there scratching his head regretting why he did not join M7! 

Peter Simon

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