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Brothers and sisters, one should come in as some sheikhs especially at
Nakasero mosque are vehemently opposed to the preaching of Dr. Anasi
Abdunoor Kaliisa.
The Juma khutubah was very relevant to the 10 last days of Ramadhan.
But after the prayer, weapons were sent to Dr. Kaliisa who was not
present. But that can be containable if the two sheikhs meet which, to
me, is very easy, insha Allah.
Then, another preacher came thereafter, calling Shiah Muslims Roman
Catholics. That was too much. But l think it was a return weapon as
Shiahs call Wahabbists or Salafs, whom we call Tablighs, "Yahuud"
meaning "Jews."
Unfortunately, never will these sheikhs tell us that there is a full
province in Saudi Arabia that is made up of Shiah Muslims, and that
Shiah Muslims perform Hadj.
We all no that groupings like Ahalal Baiti (Shia) and Ahal Sunni wal
Jama (Sunni) are our own innovation or bid'a which were not left by
Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.)
After the 1979 successful Islamic revolution, many Arab sheikhdoms,
some at the level of British and American protectorates, feared that
it could spread to the entire Arabian Peninsular and Persian Gulf, and
sponsored Iraq to invade Iran. Saudi Arabia funded a hate campaign
against Islamic Republic of Iran and Shia, as infidels.
The college of sheikh for orientation is overdue for the good of
Ugandan Muslim fraternity where Muslims are incited by some of our
sheikhs to hate one another because one is a Salaf and another is not.
One is a Sunni another is a Shia, etc.....

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