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Congratulations to Honourable Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine)!
During the 2016 campaigns, when I was urging youths to take on a pro-active role to prepare themselves to take on the challenge of politics, one person whose meaningful comment I found on social media was Bobi Wine. Though by then it was abit late to run for a parliamentary seat, I could read him gathering the determination. I could already see this tsunami coming, and I knew it would one day hit land.
This is a compassionate individual. He speaks sensibly. Remained down to earth. Engaged in meaningful socio-political debate and activism. Respects culture. Understands todays downtrodden youths like no other. A supporting wife who bears with him even where other women might look down at how he remained attached to the dirty poor. And most of all, he struggled to work with all sides of todays polarized political divide.
Again Congratulations Honourable!
In your next concert, please sing for me "Omuyindi talina bina." I used to disturb my bayindi female friends with that song.

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin

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