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{UAH} Did Gen Jim Muhwezi try to commit suicide?

RUMOUR HAS IT...Did Gen Jim Muhwezi try to commit suicide?

There are stories that shall never be written in their entirety by the mainstream media simply because they are difficult to crosscheck, or we deem them to be so sensitive. Here is one of them.

Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi is one of the historical members of the NRM. He has served in a number of senior positions including being Health minister, ISO chief etc... He is also reported to be stinking rich.
He has had a long eventful political career, characterized by many ups and downs. In the 6th parliament, he was censured for corruption and influence peddling.
All the above information is not new to most readers here. But the next is.
In 2006 when Museveni sacked Muhwezi from cabinet after he was implicated in the mismanagement of the Gavi fund, things took a turn for the worse.
One time in a meeting with elders from Rukungiri (who had gone to plead for Muhwezi) Museveni told them that he was not punishing Muhwezi because "he is the most corrupt government official.
Museveni told them that there are bigger thieves in government than Muhwezi (and he mentioned the name of a former minister of Works).
But this minister of Works, Museveni said, did not try to fight him like Muhwezi did.
We all remember that in 2006, Museveni had been opposed to the idea of Janet Museveni standing for parliament in Ruhaama (she got her way after insisting that God had instructed her to represent her people).
Although he later grudging accepted to support his wife, Museveni withheld funding from her.
The first lady started begging for money from friends and relatives.
Muhwezi was one of them and he is said to have contributed generously to her campaign, something that did not please Museveni.
So after the election, Museveni fought back.
He stripped Muhwezi of his cabinet post and ensured that he is prosecuted in courts of law (he did a stint in Luzira prison).
Meanwhile as all this was taking place, Museveni maintained a cordial relationship with Jim's wife, Susan Muhwezi, who was a senior advisor on AGOA.
The president constantly summoned her State House to explain matters related to AGOA.
But there is one time when Muhwezi felt that the meetings had become too regular and that things were going too far.
That was the time Museveni summoned Susan to Gulu, where he had camped. For a number of days, she was holed up in Gulu and to make matters worse, Muhwezi could not get through to her (as her phone was off).
It appears that many thoughts filled his mind and with the world appearing to be caving in on him, Muhwezi lost his cool.
Rumour has it that in a conversation with one of his longtime bush war friends, Muhwezi lamented: "the man sacked me, he humiliated me and now he wants to take over my wife."
Next, Muhwezi went bonkers. Mbu he locked himself in his opulent Kololo house and contemplated suicide.
Mbu it took the intervention of his guards, friends and relatives to dissuade him from taking that path.

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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