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{UAH} Drought finishing up Rukungiri


Just recently I talked to some Swedish hydraulic engineers to save us,
if they could just help build barrier to recreate some form of river
ecological systems.

Many did not understand what I was talking about. Kiwoko/ Nakaseke had
less than three month of rain fall.

The whole of East Africa is gripped in drought. As we speak now many
Kenyans have no food (posho) - rivers have dried up. Kenyan students
told me the price of posho is almost 10 times the price in Uganda.

I will repeat, unless there are efforts made by the government and the
people in Western Uganda to plant trees mostly on tops of hills in
Kigezi and Ankole region – the agricultural practices in those regions
are going to end up in a total disaster.

The future of food production is grim in Uganda. If the government
feels, every empty land is for agriculture – then we have a serious

There are similarities, with British Tobacco growing in West Nile
where pristine forests were cut down, planted with tobacco and
eucalyptus trees planted for tobacco culling. The land in West Nile
is a total waste land becuase of Tobacco!

Remember West Nile had almost similar climatic factors and vegetation
as western Uganda but all rivers draining in the Nile are dry!

Now head to Busoga, sugar cane have been planted everywhere. No one, I
mean there is virtually no control over the land. Where there is no
sugar cane, tropical forests have been replaced with eucalyptus or
pine forests. It is heart rendering!

There is no scientific application at all applied. Land has a carrying
capacity and soil come basically from vegetation. Vegetation depends
on rainfall. Break that cycle and you are deep trouble.

When it comes to Uganda, the conditions we are witnessing are self
imposed. Thousands of cattle have perished. You remember very well,
the Colonial British had a law making every kibanja owner to have a
patch of forest on that land.

Tree harvesting was so selective that in 1975 we still had tree we
called huge logos (endodo) coming as near as Mityana forests exported
to Japan. All forests in Busiro, Kyaggwe and Buddu are gone!

Now if you go to Toro, what is happening there is planting tea farms
on a massive scale and they cut down useless forests to plant tea
farms. It is a repeat of what has happened in Ankole and Kigezi on yet
a massive scale.

Bunyoro forests are next on line.

Heaven save us.


On 6/17/17, Dan Bwanika <> wrote:
> What happened to Maramagambo forest?
> The problem is locally generated.
> North Isingiro is a typical example where there were Tropical forests
> you find Banana plantations. For soil , forest and vegetation
> scientists this is shocking.
> Western Uganda had some of the best rain making forests, which were
> mercilessly cut down partly to create agricultural fields and for hot
> business in timber.
> The results are upon us and I can assure Ugandans, we haven't seen
> anything as yet. What can be done is for the government to massively
> evict people from hill tops and replant them with tropical trees, if
> ever this will result in any tangible reforestation that were there
> before.
> Bwanika
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> _____________________________
> Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero


Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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