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{UAH} Fadzayi Mahere: “We Need To Stop Bi*ching In Zimbabwe, We Can’t Be Ruled By Rurals!”

Fadzayi Mahere: "We Need To Stop Bi*ching In Zimbabwe, We Can't Be Ruled By Rurals!"

Below is a public post Fadzayi Mahere wrote using unprintable words before she rose to prominence promoted by, through news articles during the bond note protests and 11 months later, she would manifest herself as a politician disguised as an activist for a cause. Mahere's family are cruel ZANU PF farm invaders who have destroyed the lives of thousands of farm workers while her father, Robert Mugabe's permanent Secretary, for several years, Stephen Mahere, personally and single handedly enforced the collapse of Zimbabwe's education system.

By Fadzayi Mahere| Dear private-school educated people of Zimbabwe, (this is with particular reference to those of us who went to Arundel, Chisipite, Convent, St Georges, St John's College, Peterhouse etc), we have a tendency to be too cool to get involved in the mainstream of Zimbabwe's development. The result of our conduct is that we are always left out and are never considered for positions of influence in politics, industry, commerce and government. Zimbabwe is run by the people who are present and available and not the people who have the "best accent" or went to the "best" school. We need to stop bit*£ing about how "crusty" this nation is over a latte at Pistachio's and get things done. While we sit and complain about how we can't handle the grime here, our mission, rural and public school counterparts are taking over If we want people to pronounce things "properly" on ZBC, we have to be willing to take up those roles ourselves. If we want graduates to be more "professional" and on the ball" we have to be willing to impart what we know to make them get there. If we want to be leaders in public health, we have to be willing to get down and dirty at Pari or Harare Hospital. If we want our commercial centres to feel more like Wall Street, we have to be willing to participate. If we want our law firms to feel like magic circle firms in London, we have to be willing to infuse….


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