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{UAH} Fw: Graduation Ceremony

Ocaya Mike p'Ocure,

My Filipina friend passed her Swedish  exams, so she is now a proud owner of an M.Sc. It really pushed me to the absolute limit, to have to review a master's degree thesis within the space of only three weeks, and on a subject I am not familiar with and had to read from scratch.  Now I know I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. I have a versatile mind- I should really have been an academic. But  It is so good to help others- I met her at Heathrow yesterday when she was going back to Manila and she was crying with joy-  I have  never been so moved- she knows she would not have completed her thesis without my help. I am  So proud. I will praise myself even if no one else does.

George Okello

Subject: Graduation Ceremony
Hi George,

I'm sending the pictures taken at our graduation ceremony on June 9.  A Filipina (in the picture with me) a former president of the Filipino-Swedish Organization and her Swedish husband were my guests on my graduation.  The ceremony was simple but very memorable.  All my classmates are young and from different countries.  I feel like the mother of them.  I have a picture with the Dean and the master of ceremony (with sash). 

I will finally be leaving Sweden on June 18.  It will have a stopover at London Heathrow Airport for 4 hours before proceeding to Manila then Cebu. Since yesterday my tears welled from my eyes as I said goodbyes to my close friends and classmates.  Two of them are Muslims but very nice young men (in the picture with me).  I treat them like my sons.  We got closer during our thesis writing in the computer lab sharing our challenges in our writing and in group projects.  I also have a picture with my thesis partner and his wife. 

I was so touched with the FB posts of my daughter with the caption "My Wonder Woman; Congrats Mommy".  She shared my graduation pictures to her friends.

Hope we can talk over the phone before I leave.  Use my Swedish phone number.  Take care and God bless.



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