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{UAH} Fwd: Are you 64 and making $56,800 a year? Welcome to a $20,500 Trumpcare insurance premium

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Subject: Are you 64 and making $56,800 a year? Welcome to a $20,500
Trumpcare insurance premium

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Are you 64 and making $56,800 a year? Welcome to a $20,500 Trumpcare
insurance premium

Stop Trumpcare in the Senate: All we need is 3 Republicans to say NO
to cutting health care from 22 million people, and Democrats to shut
down all Senate business. Regardless of what state you live in, call
202-224-3121, and say NO to Trumpcare. After you are done, tell us how
it went.

Rural hospital association representative: 'This bill will close
hospitals. ... People will die'

The end of Medicaid as we know it? Trumpcare has devastating long-term
cuts to Medicaid, to pay for tax cuts for the rich. Give your
Republican Senator a piece of your mind.

'You bought it—Robert Reich posts 11 unpleasant facts to confront
Trump supporters with

Kentucky sending a message to the GOP, especially Mitch McConnell

Grover Norquist and his daughter's $35 guitar—How patricides are born

Trump's morning tweets: I'm not the colluder, Obama's the colluder

John Dean says Trump has picked a fight he won't win by going after
Mueller and U.S. intel agencies

Trump supporters make a huge shift: 'You can collude all you want with
a foreign government'

Trump asks FBI to investigate Obama over the Russian election scandal.
Twitter roasted him

Two major newspapers have catalogued 337 lies (and growing) from Trump
since he took office

Anti-tax guru Grover Norquist gets Twitter-owned

These pictures are worth a thousand words (and an untold number of lives)

Fmr. Republican Congressman with preexisting condition now loves Obamacare

Constructing African-American Identity (Photo Diary)

Kellyanne Conway says people on Medicaid should just get jobs—but most
of them have

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