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{UAH} Fwd: Sign the petition: Make sure people trapped Inside Syria have enough to eat

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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:45:33 +0000
Subject: Sign the petition: Make sure people trapped Inside Syria have
enough to eat

Friend, the news reports were horrifying.

Driven by starvation, desperate Syrians in the besieged town of Madaya
foraged for grass and herbs, their last source of nutrition, to make
soup. They hadn't had real food — bread, rice or vegetables — for

A local doctor reported that hunger had killed a number of residents,
and that hundreds more were suffering from malnutrition in the town,
where food stocks had been all but exhausted. Children were
particularly vulnerable.

Following a negotiated ceasefire, UNHCR — the UN Refugee Agency — was
able to truck in much needed food, blankets and medicine on a bitterly
cold winter night.

Sign the petition from USA for UNHCR: We stand with Syrian refugees.


We must make sure that the more than six million Syrians trapped in
their country have the food and other necessities they need — winter,
spring, summer and fall.

Your signature is your voice — your opportunity to fight for the
millions whose lives and futures are in jeopardy. Sign our petition
affirming your support of USA for UNHCR and help refugees today.

Together we will break down barriers, deliver aid to the millions in
Syria and speak up for those who have suffered for more than six
horrific years.

Please sign the petition from USA for UNHCR.


Anne-Marie Grey
Executive Director and CEO

Paid for by USA for UNHCR.

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