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{UAH} Fwd: Sudan bans the word 'cholera' as hundreds die of disease

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Subject: Sudan bans the word 'cholera' as hundreds die of disease

From The Editor
The tragic fire in London will hopefully cast light on the conditions
that Arab and other communities suffer from as a result of rising
inequality in the UK.

Poor services and a shamefully cavalier response from the council will
only make resentment run deeper within the communities who lost tens
of families in the Grenfell Tower fire. Our thoughts are with all
those who suffered from the tragedy and we have dedicated staff to
help uncover any information that might help them in their calls for
justice. The New Arab is a London based organisation and has a duty to
communities here. The least we can do is help people tell their
stories and get their message across to the rest of the world.

This week has also seen further escalation in the Gulf crisis with
fake news become the modus operandi of media outlets. Accusing Qatar
of colluding with Iran, political opposition leaders and Israel to
topple or assassinate the late Saudi King Abdullah, it turned out that
the supposed ringleader, a Libyan intelligence officer is actually a
resident of Abu Dhabi and remains there to this day. Yet this didn't
faze Saudi and Emirati media outlets and they still ran the story

The crisis has also shown a disconnect within the US administration as
a substantial military deal was signed with Qatar only days after
Trump accused it of funding terrorists.

In his piece on the crisis, Professor Gary Sick of Columbia University
describes the terms of the blockade as incredibly harsh and involving
the ban of food and medicines-something that no US administration
carried out when it placed sanctions on Iran. Indeed, as he pointed
out, the fact that the reason behind this is the Arab Spring and
Qatar's support of it is chilling to say the least.

Change in the region is certainly challenging, but must be done if the
people there are to live a dignified and free life. We certainly hope
that the crisis will not stop the wheel of progress and end the dreams
people there have.

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