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Islam is a good religion, so simple, and adoptable to those who revert to it. But all this terrorist reporting in the media is killing the good image of Islam, and It hurts a little bit. There's a difference between terrorism and Islam. Terrorism can manifest itself in different ways. Though some people may use religion to spread terror, it doesnt neccessarily make that particular religion bad. What people must know is that there is a strong prejudice against religion in general that some people hold, and any attempt to correct the "facts" being thrown around will be seen only as an attempt to let religion off the hook and prove it to be pure.Of course religion has been used for an excuse to gain or hold power by any means.The way certain religions have been developed by some people have provided strong motivation for the weak to use their religion as justification. Attempting to look at this rationally and in proportion to how history has played out will look to those who hate religion in general like denial of any role religion may have played.They cannot, apparently, be rational.

Secondly, being "against religion" or a certain religion,as some people are against Islam, is itself a belief system, that often borders on religious in it fervor, methods, and so on.


*Abbey Kibirige  Semuwemba*

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