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A criminal act just passed by Lokodo and the priest seems to have absolved these sinners - or, the priest is ignorant about the crime or national sin.

As far as I know its a crime in all countries - including Uganda - to destroy legal tender - aka money, currency - without cause. That Ivan's Rich Gang members dispensed unknown amounts in cash in the dead man's grave then watered it with numerous bottles champagne, is an absolute crime. One can neither burn or dispose off a legal currencies anyhow, anyhow, anywhere, anyway including burying. That bank notes are serialized at the central bank and now we don't have any trace of of them.

I call on the Priest to urgently follow on this. The story is doing the nasty rounds on Uganda news online. The world is laughing at Uganda again. Like passports, money one carries to facilitate trade exchanges does not belong to the individual. Only value/worth belong to the individual.

Well, as of now, Lokodo's selling priority is nudity and nudity appears to be all that his Ethics Ministry watches.

Uganda BIllionaire Buried With Money and Expensive Champagne

A Ugandan Billionaire and businessman, Ivan Ssemwanga, was on Tuesday, buried with money in his grave by his Rich gang who also poured expensive champagne on the grave.

Ugandan billionaire, Ivan Ssemwanga buried with money and other luxury items

The Rich Gang, who are very popular in South Africa and Uganda, known for their extravagant lifestyle, sent off their boss in a form which left mourners bewildered.

The floor of the white and black tiled grave was filled with denominations of Ugandan shillings, South African Rand and US dollars sprayed by the gang shortly after they poured the champagne.


See video below:


Gwokto La'Kitgum
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