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{UAH} Gook, Kipenji//Oboth-Oboth, in-laws clash over wife's illness


This depressing story pits the MP for West Budama South, Oboth-Oboth and the family of his young wife, Constance Awino. 

At the fore is Awino's bouts of mental breakdown, which the MP attributes to some genetically-induced neurological condition, while his in-laws insist that it's Oboth-Oboth who is the cause of their daughter's psychological stress. 

Awino's family thinks that being an MP comes with stature, and Oboth-Oboth's new outlook should include a good residence, an upgrade in the mode of transportation for the wife, and wide variety of groceries at home. They accuse the MP of providing none of that, and wonder where he spends his money! 

Enter Odoi Tanga, and you know that will not end well...

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