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{UAH} The Grenfell community accuses Theresa May of a stitch-up after she repeatedly ignores their pleas

Afuwa Kasule @ Ocaya s/o Ocure,

Here are the Grenfell residents beginning their fightback for the truth and justice. And their fight is being led by community activists themselves, and not muslims.  They are not going to accept your conspiracy theory that the tragedy was a crime committed against muslims by known, known known, known unknown, unknown knowns or unknown unknowns. No. We will stick to the truth and follw it to where it will lead us.


The Grenfell community accuses Theresa May of a stitch-up after she repeatedly ignores their pleas

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Residents from the estate around Grenfell Tower recently wrote to the Prime Minister, asking her to consult them on the public inquiry's appointments. But after the second controversial appointment to the inquiry, they fear she is simply preparing a "stitch-up". And it makes the mobilisation for justice happening within the community all the more important.


After urgent calls for a public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire, the Chief Justice has appointed a judge, Sir Martin Moore-Pick. But the move was condemned by the Radical Housing Network (RHN) campaign group, which said:

Sir Moore-Pick has a track record of facilitating the social cleansing of London, approving Westminster Council's decision to house a single mother with five children in Milton Keynes, 50 miles away from their family and networks, a decision later overturned by the Supreme Court. The government are clearly preparing a stitch-up, trying to put a judge at the heart of the establishment in charge of the inquiry, who supports the inhumane housing policies which have led to Grenfell.

The announcement also comes after Sir Ken Knight's appointment as Chair to advise on fire safety measures. This appointment also sparked concern for his role in some of the worst cuts to hit the fire service; and his opposition to fire sprinklers in tower blocks. RHN added in a statement:

How can we have faith in this panel to deliver the protection we need? These two appointments are yet further evidence that the establishment is not committed to providing justice for Grenfell residents, and are unwilling to put in place measures which will prevent a tragedy of this enormity from happening again.


Residents from the estate surrounding Grenfell Tower specifically wrote to the Prime Minister. They asked the government to consult them on the inquiry's appointments and terms of reference. But a Downing Street spokesperson responded, dismissing their request:


We've been clear from the outset that we wish the residents to be consulted on the terms of reference of the inquiry. As for the appointment of a judge in a pubic inquiry, it follows a very specific set of rules. Essentially, the lord chief justice recommends someone to the prime minister, or whoever that inquiry is reporting back to – in this instance it's the prime minister.

Housing campaigner Pilgrim Tucker said in response to recent decision-making:

Residents pleaded with Theresa May to involve them in the decision making about the inquiry. In appointing Sir Martin Moore-Pick, she has ignored them, and appointed a completely inappropriate judge. We can have no faith that this inquiry will produce justice for Grenfell residents.

Taking back control

Despite these snubs to the community and failures from Kensington and Chelsea Council, the response from residents has been profound. And it now seems that they are counting on themselves to see justice through.

Writer Ishmahil Blagrove from Notting Hill has spoken extensively on media and social media about the fire and responses to it, being particularly critical of the mainstream media:

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