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{UAH} How Africa underdeveloped Africa

I am just 2/4 writing "a sociology of Uganda".

I find the book controversial. So I am moving very slowly hope it will
be done before I change geography. I consulted a reader of sociology
at Makerere university and I was thouroughly amazed by his
protestation that I'm in the first place writing the book at all - he
explains there are so many books that have been written in that field
by Ugandans for Ugandans!

Poor man!

I am in the process of writing a book "How Africans undeveloped
Africa" - this can be a one man's work but I wanted to have other
flora of views.

By 1860 the world around Africans was building temples, railways,
processing minerals basically struggling to improve the welfare of
their people. In many world promising communities of that time, had
the same level of social developed as many Africa communities.

Basically understanding the Africa elite. liberator and political
culture, Africans unquenchable greed for basically everything, the
cultural anthropology, level of Intelligence that has destroyed
Zimbwabwe, and now South Africa etc from the Africa Gardens of Aden
the European left behind only to be dismantled by Africans requires
much more perspective not only social science but also the biological
and medical science make up of an African.

We and the future generations need to understand these issues in many
different formats, for just one discipline, is not adequate to provide
a literary and academically exhaustive works.

I want to blame a European from another angle for Africa woos, other
than the conventional – i.e. a Uganda Professor asking me why I cared
at all about forests and what forests were important for!

This goes to the heart of matter, how the African elite and political
class systematically destroys state institution in name of
anti-colonialism and self ignorance, when their whole presence is
dressed and colored with colonialism.

I have also discovered or trying to put in perspective the Africa
elite and politicians who by nature slave trade not only his mind but
also body and soul – this should not be a monologue I want a diversity
of ideas.

You are welcome with your articles.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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