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{UAH} I fought for myself not Uganda,am not your servant -Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has scoffed at Ugandans especially opposition leaders who seem to expect him to work as a servant of Ugandans, which he is not.

Museveni said today while presiding over the 31 Anniversary of the ruling National Resistance Movement Government in Masindi district; that he doesn't consider himself an employee of Ugandans and therefore must not be called so.

The president's emphatic remarks seemed to have been aimed at the critique from his long term nemesis Col Dr Kizza Besigye, who says in his "Defiance Campaign" that Ugandans must "stop behaving as servants to those in leadership positions," and that it should be the other way round.

Besigye says people in leadership are the servants to the rest of Ugandans and says the current relationship between the two must be changed as a starting point toward liberating the country from political dictatorship and socioeconomic stagnation.

But President Museveni today sought to clarify.

"I'm not as servant; because this is what some people have been saying, that I should be a servant of Ugandans. I am not a servant of anybody; I am a freedom fighter," said the President.

"I am not employed by the country; I am fighting for myself and for my beliefs. If anybody thinks that he employed me he is deceiving himself. "

Museveni at the Liberation Day event was speaking in light of civil servants in the country, who have a "kipakasi" kind of mentality– one that minds only about the benefit.

He noted that most civil servants such as health workers in Uganda, do not care about delivering good results, but only work depending on how much they will be remunerated. This he said is not his way of doing things.

"We the freedom fighters don't have that kind of mentality, and in fact Ugandans should take advantage of people like us – the freedom fighters — who can work in all conditions, regardless of the pay.

According to Col Dr Kizza Besigye, the servant-master relationship that currently exists between citizens and leaders stems from the old colonial time and has been harnessed by African leaders to tighten their grip on power by creating a sense of fear among the people they lead.


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