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{UAH} If anybody touches Owana at UBC, bulletin

Seems to be a fire raging at the mighty, neglected UBC and the name of UAH's Tony Owana (Lt Col) bandied left, right and centre and some heads are rolling. The spin is that he is at the center of a drive to reclaim the broadcaster as a historically national asset- which stood while past govt's served time and left- but today vultures are circling to vaporize it. He is not the one firing but the vultures are intimidating anybody who still sees sense why the entity-with many channels to it- must stay and why it must work in a certain way.

UBC's status is not negotiable as a national heritage and we've got everything to make it work like any modern institution and not necessarily to broadcast on similar format as the private broadcasters. The problem is that the establishment overestimates its abilities while downplaying its potential and lacking sense of direction while at it.

Government must take charge of its business and not outsource everything to vagabonds. How can patriots be intimidated by scavengers?

Robert Atuhairwe

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